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International Spotlight Pet Show

March 9, 2023

Latest company news about International Spotlight Pet Show

The pet industry begins to stir in the global international development process, its influence overturned the domestic pet industry development, the pet industry in China has entered a high-speed development stage, of course, which is also greatly related to the consumption level of Chinese people. The international pet industry development process is earlier than our country, especially some developed countries, has used rich experience, However, the domestic pet industry is not willing to lag behind and keep up. At the same time, it is learning from the experience of foreign pet shows. The domestic pet show has its own set of innovative ways to seek development.


Since the international pet industry has a hundred years of historical experience, the evolution of pets has matured a lot. Sometimes it is the booming stage of the pet show industry. According to incomplete statistics, the current international pet exhibition has more than 400, all over the world. The development of the pet industry is an important factor of the country's economy, consumption level and other related factors. Developed countries such as various states have dominated the number of pet exhibitions internationally. Among them, economic growth and other related factors in some countries such as Asia and South America have also made the pet exhibition industry occupy a part of the global quota. By comparison, Africa is in poverty and climate factors, resulting in almost no pet exhibition industry.


As one of the world's most prestigious professional pet trade fairs, the Global Pet Supply Expo is jointly organized by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPA) and the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA). It is held annually in Orlando.

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Held at big sight in Tokyo, Japan, the Tokyo Pet Show, also an annual event, is organized by the Japan Pet Supply Manufacturers Association (JAPMA) and has a wide reach in and around Japan.

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Nuremberg Pet Show in Germany. The exhibition started in 1973, every two years, is the world's largest pet and aquarium products professional trade fair, exhibition scale of about 130,000 square meters, the exhibition also held a variety of pet salon, pet performance and professional training activities.

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MEGA SHOW is organized by Hong Kong Heng Jian Exhibition Group. It was first held in 1992 and has since grown to become the largest fair of its kind in Asia and a major event in the global exhibition industry. MEGA SHOW attracts buyers from all over the world to purchase in Hong Kong and Canton Fair every year, and is held in October, the peak of the exhibition. With a wide variety of exhibits, Mega Show provides buyers with the best transaction negotiation platform for purchasing, and successfully attracts buyers from all over the world to purchase on site.

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The development of international pet exhibition is relatively dominant, but the domestic pet exhibition can not be ignored, according to relevant data, the domestic pet exhibition industry is now in a stage of rapid development, the development prospect is very considerable, the best pet exhibition in China is Beijing International Pet Supplies Exhibition (referred to as Beijing Pet Exhibition), the development speed is very fast. It will develop into an international pet show in the next few years. The scale of the show is beyond imagination after just four events.


Beijing International Pet Supplies Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Eagle Pet Exhibition"), held since 2014, has become one of the largest and influential industry events in the pet industry after years of precipitation. It is a professional service platform for brand promotion, new product release, market development, business trade and data release. The exhibition is committed to building Bridges for manufacturers, importers, distributors, pet hospitals and stores, creating high-quality business opportunities, promoting industry exchanges and interaction, and serving as a high-quality platform to enhance market competitiveness and find innovative solutions.


No matter international pet show or domestic pet show, the appearance of pet show is to promote the interaction and exchange of the industry, and then promote the development of the entire pet industry. A high quality event can allow enough exhibitors and visitors to personally experience the development of the pet industry, so that more people like the pet industry more in-depth understanding!

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